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IF R&D Tax Credits Ltd is a leading firm of R&D tax credit experts who specialise in R&D tax claims and the patent box. That is all we do. Our focus is on helping clients to maximise the benefits from these very worthwhile tax incentives.

Our team includes Chartered Accountants, Chartered Tax Advisors and Technical Consultants (Engineers, Scientists and Software Specialists) who are highly qualified and have decades of experience in business and industry. We work in a wide range of sectors including manufacturing, engineering, ICT, science and agri-food.

Ian Farley, our Managing Director, has been advising clients on R&D tax credits since 2000 (he was the office champion at both PwC and BDO in Belfast) and also the patent box since it was introduced in 2013.

Our aim is to maximise the tax benefits that you are entitled to, and also minimise the time that you have to spend on this. We therefore get all the necessary information from you and prepare the claim on your behalf. We will also represent you in any enquiry from HMRC or the Revenue Commissioners.

Our fees are very competitive and are only payable when cash sums have been received from HMRC.

How we can help you


Help For Companies

Company Directors – have you created a new product, process or service? Or improved an existing product, process or service? If so, your work may qualify for R&D tax credits which can generate significant tax benefits.Read More »

Help For Accountants

Accountants – you can add more value to your clients and provide a more comprehensive service by partnering with us on R&D tax credits. Using our expertise, we will help your clients to maximise the benefit from these very worthwhile incentives.Read More »

How it works


R&D Tax Credits

Research and development (R&D) tax credits are a government incentive designed to encourage companies to invest in innovation and R&D actvities. Significant corporation tax savings may be available to your business and cash sums may be claimable where no corporation tax arises.Read More »

Patent Box

The patent box is a government incentive that enables companies to apply a lower rate of corporation tax (currently 10%) to profits earned from its patented inventions. The legislation is very complex and advanced planning is essential to get the maximum benefits or even to be able to claim at all.Read More »


Lewis Cunningham – Managing Director, Wilson’s Country

“Having worked with Ian and his team for a couple of years, I can confidently say they make the process of R&D Tax Credits easy and have delivered successful R&D tax submissions for the business. The team not only takes the time but also has the in depth technical knowledge to understand our R&D activities and when combined with Ian’s legislative tax knowledge a comprehensive, detailed and readable report is presented. I would encourage you to engage with Ian and his team, it’s not as hard as you think!”

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