How we can help your accountancy practice – and your clients

Accountants – you can add more value to your clients and provide a more comprehensive service by partnering with us on R&D tax credits.

As the name suggests, R&D tax credits are about both tax and R&D. However, the more challenging of these in practice is often the R&D. Without specialist technical knowledge or training, it can be very difficult to assess the potential R&D activities undertaken by companies and to discuss them with their technical R&D staff.

That is why we provide a specialist R&D tax credit service to your clients­ to help them maximise the benefit from these very worthwhile incentives.

Please note that when you partner with us:

We will be a service provider to you to help your clients with R&D tax claims

Our aim is to complement the high-quality service that you provide to your clients

We only provide R&D tax credit and patent box services. We are not in competition with you – our boundaries on this are very clear

Our approach is to provide a complete service with full back-up. For example, we are able to document the R&D activities for companies and also provide full support for dealing with HMRC enquiries. In addition, we can help your staff with the entries necessary in a company’s tax return which can sometimes be complex.

How it works

Have a free initial meeting or call with the company to discuss its activities and undertake an initial assessment of possible R&D activities against the qualifying conditions and the potential qualifying costs

Meet with key technical staff at the company to identify R&D projects and to discuss these in detail

Fully prepare the R&D Tax Report to summarise the projects and qualifying costs (this saves the company a significant amount of time and helps to maximise the benefits claimed)

When approved by the company, forward the final report to you with instructions for submission to HMRC in the CT600 return

Keep you fully informed on progress and help you through the R&D tax claim submission process

Finally, you should be aware that there are other R&D tax advisors in the marketplace who are contacting companies directly. They may well be speaking to your clients who may then ask why you did not make them aware of R&D tax credits. The advisors may be fronted by salespeople using aggressive sales techniques or may be a local accountancy practice who are using R&D tax credits to target your valued clients.

We can add real value to your accountancy practice by helping your clients minimise the tax they have to pay.

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