Torax Biosciences
Dr Lawrence McGrath – Managing Director, Torax Biosciences

“Excellent service as usual. Painless.”

Wilson's Country
Lewis Cunningham – Managing Director, Wilson’s Country

“Having worked with Ian and his team for a couple of years, I can confidently say they make the process of R&D Tax Credits easy and have delivered successful R&D tax submissions for the business. The team not only takes the time but also has the in depth technical knowledge to understand our R&D activities and when combined with Ian’s legislative tax knowledge a comprehensive, detailed and readable report is presented. I would encourage you to engage with Ian and his team, it’s not as hard as you think!”

Daniel Loughlin – CEO, Export Technologies

“We selected Ian because of his proven expertise in preparing R&D tax credit claims. We found Ian to be knowledgeable and approachable throughout the assignment and his diligence, understanding of the legislation and time taken to understand the business, resulted in a claim that far exceeded our expectations. We would have no hesitation in recommending Ian to undertake this work for other companies.”

Stephen Moore – Director, FIN Maintenance

“I would recommend Ian in terms of preparing R&D claims as his work is very thorough and to a high standard. He was also able to discuss the technical aspects of our R&D and to document this for us. We greatly appreciate his help.”

John Mellon – Managing Director, Nitronica

“We had no hesitation in engaging with Ian to prepare R&D claims for the company given his proven track record. He prepared a very comprehensive and accurate report of our technical R&D activities with very little time input required from our staff. We are delighted with his work and would recommend Ian given his expertise in this area.”

Stephen McGeagh – Partner, David Lyttle & Co

“Ian has assisted a number of the firm’s corporate clients. He has prepared R&D tax credit claims and also calculations under the patent box and has generated significant tax savings for our clients. His work has been very thorough, professional and to a high technical standard. We have been very happy with his work and our clients have benefited greatly from his services.”

Teresa Lewis – Managing Director, Asphalt Burner Services

“I am very impressed with the way Ian has captured on paper the R&D undertaken by the company. His report is detailed, accurate and very well written. I am delighted with the tax savings generated from the R&D claim and also from the patent box based on detailed calculations he has prepared. Ian clearly knows the legislation in detail.”

Charlie Shivers – Managing Director, Copper Industries

“Ian prepared a report for us in relation to a claim for R&D tax credits. His report was very detailed and was well written and presented. I was impressed by its quality and the way he was able to describe our R&D activities. He also was able to maximise our claim even though some of the R&D activities were funded by a grant. I would recommend Ian to other companies to provide this service for them.”